Mar 01 2012


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Jan 25 2011

A very fun slide about vertical scaling

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A slide from Cassandra presentation:

Vertical scaling sucks

Jan 23 2011

MindMap of Melnik’s article about Google’s Dremel

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I’ve just read Sergey Melnik et al. article about Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets. Amazing stuff, especially the way columnar representation or nested data is encoded.

See my mind map of the article:
Melnik's article about Google Dremel mind map
(click on mind map to see more detailed version)

Nov 16 2010

New Amazon’s instance type allows to use GPU for calculations

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Amazon introduced new EC2 instance type called  ”Cluster GPU”. Instance type is written as “cg1.4xlarge”.

It allows to use the abilities of GPU (Graphic Processing Unit, a special processor available in some graphics cards) for advanced calculations. It handles long arrays of data called vectors especially quickly.

cg1.4xlarge has the following specs:

  • Two NVIDIA Tesla M2050 “Fermi” GPUs.
  • Two quad-core Intel “Nehalem“ X5570 processors offering 33.5 ECUs (EC2 Compute Units).
  • 22 GB of RAM.
  • 1690 GB of local instance storage.
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet, with the ability to create low latency, full bisection bandwidth HPC clusters.

Read entire article.

Apr 24 2010

Hello world!

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Hello world! This is the Agile Algorithms company site.

Feel free to contact us to order software development for distributed computations including  Hadoop/MapReduce, Amazon Web Services and more, any work involving complex algorithms, or agile software development/consulting.

E-Mail: info AT

…More information soon :)